What is Fortune1Coin?

Fortune1Coin is a coin designed to make this world a better and safer place. Commissions for transactions within the Fortune1Coin network are not given to miners, but are transferred to a special address and then used for charity. Your participation in the promotion of Fortune1Coin is your personal contribution into making this world a little bit better and more kind! Now it's so easy, don't miss your chance!

Fortune1Coin is based on Bytecoin (for example, like Monero) and therefore, all transactions inside the Fortune1Coin blockchain are anonymous.

GoldMining is a subproject of Fortune1Coin created especially for gamers or just people who are far from the world of cryptocurrencies. With GoldMining , any PC user can start mining and get profit with a click on one button, without any registration on exchanges, pools and etc. The profit from GoldMining goes to advertising, buyback and development of Fortune1Coin.

How to get Fortune1Coin?

You can buy Fortune1Coin on exchanges, which are listed on the coin's website in the Exchanges section . You can also get Fortune1Coin coins by taking part in this airdrop.

Participate in the airdrop

In order to get coins participating in this airdrop, you need a Fortune1Coin (FT1) wallet address. You can get your FT1 address in two ways, either on one of the exchanges or by downloading and installing the official FT1 wallet (you can download the wallet and the latest snapshot of the blockchain in the Downloads section of the coin's website). Once you have your own FT1 address, follow these small instructions to get coins through this airdrop.

  • Join our Telegram channel (International or Chinese or Russian or Indian)
  • If this is your first time on this site, register (click Registration in the login form). If you already have a GoldMining account, just log in.
  • If you are already logged in you will see below the form to participate in the airdrop. Just fill this form and click Save. After you save the form, you will receive 1000 FT1 on your wallet.
  • After you save the form, you will receive a personal link to attract users. Be sure to use it, because you will get as much as 2000 coins for each user who will take part in the airdrop by following your link!

ATTENTION: Coins are not credited to your wallet immediately, but within 48 hours!

To avoid cheating, we use online registrations. We understand that this may make you angry, but we hope that you understand that first of all we care about your security and fair conditions of participation for all participants of the airdrop.

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FT1 coin details

  • Fortune1Coin has a three-tier affiliate program built right into the blockchain.
  • In Fortune1Coin, a fixed transaction fee of 0.01% of the payment amount is applied, but it cannot be less than 1,000 cents.
  • In Fortune1Coin, all payments are anonymous; however, that is not the case with the mining rewards, for all partnership links are stored in the blockchain in the form of the payment addresses of miners and can be audited by the community. Fortune1Coin is a fork of Bytecoin that is based on CryptoNight. 
  • One coin of Fortune1Coin consists of 1,000,000 cents, i.e. Fortune1Coin has 6 zeros in the fractional part. 
  • Payment addresses of Fortune1Coin begin with the prefix “das1”, for example: das1JcY63vgLncmFHRdXQDiC1WU3PfQcp5iYpgXppFXvcv4iQaDbUB3jGxjT78teVegAxgF3SE19Ge2dcf6fpswP6eZHYj3PKR
  • Mining of one block occurs approximately every 180 seconds.
  • The difficulty of each block is calculated automatically based on the time it took to mine the previous block.

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