Did you know that you can now get any games and add-ons for free from Steam, or any content from Steam? Yes, this was made possible thanks to the mining service for gamers from the Fortune1Coin development team. The GoldMining service is designed specifically for gamers to be able to easily and completely free of charge receive any content from Steam via their computer or laptop.

How does it work? How to get a free game key for Steam? It's very simple! By and large, you only need to take three simple, very basic and very easy steps:
  1. Register on the mining site for gamers - https://gold.fortune1.money
  2. On the same site, download the archive with the miner and unpack it somewhere on your computer. The archive is very small - only a few dozen megabytes (at the time of writing this article).
  3. Run the miner (goldminer.exe) and click "Start Mining". That's it - the process has begun! One single button for the whole program - where is it even easier?
Once a day, go to the project website and check your balance in the website's personal account. Once you have accumulated enough points to exchange them for $5 for your Steam account (you only need 500 points), you can create a withdrawal request and receive $5 (or its equivalent in your local currency) to your Steam account within 24 hours.

Free games for Steam are now a reality. All you need to do is leave your computer or laptop turned on while you're asleep or at school or work so that the miner for gamers can work. Everything else GoldMining does for you, and you get the finished result without any extra hassle!


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